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Visual Advertising - boards, signboards, banners
Visual Advertising - boards, signboards, banners

Computer cut letters and characters from the foil, information boards, signs, banners, stands, billboards, solvent printing, car wrapping, 3D or illuminated letters and signs, light panels, totems, etc.

Design and installation.

Examples of our products You can see in the gallery.

We offer services in
  • implementation of information tables and plates;
  • comply with the advertising hoardings;
  • implementation of the banners or banners of information and publicity;
  • implementation of the graphics on the cars;
  • implementation of the light panels, block letters;
  • racks information and publicity;
  • assembly of the above mentioned elements.
  • use the best materials, including We are a distributor of brand self-adhesive foil MACal and plastics, which include ensures high quality of our services and work done by us are aesthetic and durable;
  • have experienced staff;
  • we are available throughout the week, which allows us to immediately implement such required changes by the State;
  • customers constantly cooperating with the agency and our clients commissioning a comprehensive service offer attractive discounts on the use of various forms of payment.

Visual Advertising - project for cutting

The file must be prepared on the PC platform in vector formats such as CorelDraw (up to version 11.0), Adobe Illustrator (up to version CS3), or other import formats.

All nodes of the object must be closed. Objects do not have the outline, only the filling.

All text must be converted to curves. The file can not contain bitmaps

Send to us the project for cutting