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Calendars - wall, single- and multi-paging, desktop
Calendars - wall, single- and multi-paging, desktop

Wall, single- and multi-paging, single and triple calendars, books calendars in various formats, pocket calendars, desk calendars, planners. Catalogue and individual calendars.

Design and construction.

Triple calendars

Project individualized vignettes, vignette convex kredowanym printing on cardboard, painted with UV varnish, calendar of three-stage folding (three separate kalendaria), with elongated backs, which enables printing of more information between the schedule and at the bottom of the calendar, the numbering of the week, adjustable shoulder strap with window . The price included the design, content scanning, and print exposure. The additional cost of the project is to prepare a separate photo session.

Calendars Books A5 width stamped logo

Elegant, practical and popular as gifts managerial calendars - A5 format, one day on the site, binding with a sponge, hard, color frames to choose from a catalog, logo hot stamped, perforated corners, with indexes and a map teleadresowym Polish - in addition, we offer everything made on the exclusive chamoix paper (cream color, perfectly absorbent paper with ink pens.)

Corporate calendars

We have also introduced a permanent part of our new designs offer card company credit card size, which, depending on the project may well serve the role of corporate business cards, corporate calendars, discount cards, etc.

  • Dimension 85 mm x 54 mm (stands for business cards);
  • Rounded corners;
  • Full color offset printing on both sides of the carton 300 g/m2;
  • Bilateral UV varnish;
  • Have the minimum quantity of 400 pcs.
Board calendars a B1 format

The most popular type of wall calendars. Ready-made patterns - over 100 types. We can make the calendar according to individual graphic design (minimum order 100 pcs.).

Other calendars

Our offer also includes:

  • Multi-board calendars (board 7 and 13);
  • Desktop calendars (lying and standing), organizers, wall;
  • Memorandum books, discs (so-called wallet).

Number, design and price are established with each client.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us for further details. We are open to any suggestions and comments from you.